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The BlueBeards Revenge Shaving Cream 100 ml.

A luxury shaving cream designed to actually reduce the appearance of beard growth as well as tackle common shaving problems like razor rash and burn.

The Ultimate Shaving Experience For Real Men

"Blue Beards" Of The World Unite!
Millions of men all over the world share a common problem - that tough stubble that seems to defy the attentions of the every shaving cream or foam and blunts the edge of the keenest razor - "Blue Beard".

Do you endure the morning misery of tackling your "Blue Beard" with inadequate products designed for the bum fluff brigade? Do you get to the point where your face is on fire after an abortive attempt to produce a result that will last beyond afternoon tea? Are you fed up to the back teeth with 5 O’clock shadow appearing before lunch?

It's your own fault!
Are you using a tin of fluffy super market foam or perhaps some super expensive, designer label concoction more akin to face cream than a shaving preparation for real men? If so you should know better - these guys are only interested in flogging you girly products at massive margins - you need a shaving solution designed for "Blue Beards" by fellow sufferers!

Paraben Free Shaving Cream Containing Decelerine
We can't help being charged up with beard inducing testosterone that produces sand paper tough stubble that can cut glass – but we can choose a shaving solution that works!

Designed by a real life "Blue Beard" who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge is a paraben free, premium quality shaving cream with added ingredients to specifically combat tough stubble. It has been formulated to our unique specification in one of the UK's premier male cosmetics laboratories who are renowned experts in the field of shaving cream.

The BlueBeards Revenge Shaving Cream 100 ml.

What does it lather like?
The Bluebeards Revenge has been formulated to the very highest standards in luxury shaving cream manufacture. From an almond size amount and a little water, you should have enough luxurious, thick and creamy lather to load your brush for at least two passes of the razor.

What does it smell like?
The Bluebeards Revenge has a signature scent that was chosen by shaving enthusiasts. It is based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist. We're hoping to give it a name soon!

How long will it last?
Based on average use a 100ml tub of The Bluebeards Revenge typically lasts 2-3 months.

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